Marva Wright - Europe, 2002

A Waitress, Chad, & Benny ordering dinner in St. Gallen, Switzerland (10,603 bytes) Roadmanager, Llowellyn Brown, ordering dinner in Switzerland (9,154 bytes) Waitress and Rueben, Tour Manager (7,722 bytes) Promoter Hannes Anrig (7,149 bytes) Our Driver, Luciano (7,649 bytes)
Chucky C and Audience Member in St. Gallen raising the roof off at a Private Party (6,964 bytes) Chad , our drummer is Taking it easy! (5,977 bytes) Rueben Minuto, Tour Manager (5,621 bytes) Llowellyn Brown, Roadmanger (5,491 bytes) Benny Turner, Bass & Vocals (9,343 bytes)
Chucky C, Sax & Vocals (4,518 bytes) On the Road, in Italy, Benny Turner (a sly look) (7,762 bytes) Before departing Chur, Switzerland, Rueben and Chad Taking a Break (8,408 bytes) Llowellyn Brown, our Roadmanager departing Chur, Switzerland Roadmanger gets a break too! (7,877 bytes)
Luciano, Llowellyn, & Rueben (8,641 bytes) Benny, taking in the view (7,830 bytes) Chad (6,577 bytes) Chad, giancarlo and Scott resting before the show at Sugar Reef at Ebla Island off the Mediterranean Sea! (7,846 bytes) Off  Days Drinking Buddies (6,475 bytes)
Sis Monica and Marva in San Remo Italy  (8,430 bytes) Chucky C doing his own Concert with his Band Clearly Blue in Innsbruck, Austria (7,291 bytes) Llowellyn and Markus in Austria (7,263 bytes) My youngest granddaughter, Halle (10,391 bytes)


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