1) I'm Still Wearing Your Name
2) Difficult Woman
3) Love Away The Pain
4) Let Them Talk
5) The Weight
6) Rockin' Pneumonia
7) I Been Hoodood
8) You've Been Partyin' All Night
9) The Maker
10) Serve Somebody
11) Knockin' On Heaven's Door
12) You Broke A Beautiful Thing
13) Guess Who
14) Cabbage Alley

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Marva Wright: vocals, background vocals
The BMW's (Marva's Band):
Benny Turner
King: Bass
Charles "Chuckie C" Elam III: Sax, Harp, Vocals
Marc Adams: Keyboards
Scott Thomas
Jeffrey "Jellybean" Alexander: Drums
Anthony Brown: Guitar
Tracy Griffin: Trumpet
Brian "Breeze" Cayolle: Saxophones


June Yamagishi: Guitars
Bo Dollis: background vocals
Charmaine Neville: background vocals
Terrence Simien
: background vocals
Cornell Williams: Bass, background vocals
Norwood "Geechie" Johnson: Percussion
Doug Belote, Earl Smith & Tony Dillon: Drums
Sam Henry, Josh Paxton & Michelle Goods: Keyboards
Brian Murray: Horns
Nick Daniels: Bass


Executive Producer: Peter Noble
Producer: Glenn Gaines
Producer: June Yamagishi
Producer(s): Charles "Chuckie C" Elam III & Benny Turner King
Arranged by: June Yamagishi
Horns Arranged by: Charles "Chuckie C" Elam III
Background Vocals Arranged by: Charles "Chuckie C" Elam III & June Yamagishi
Engineer: Marc Hewitt
Mixed by:
Marc Hewitt & June Yamagishi
Recorded Mixed & Mastered at Sound Services Studio, New Orleans, LA
Designed & Printed by: North Coast Print Solutions, Bryon Bay, Australia


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